My whole world.

You set your life to a different compass to help me pursue a journey I wish to take.
The voices that tell me where I should head, which road to take and which paths to break.

They come from a box that remains open but is never misplaced,
It sits in my heart, my mind, and it follows every dream chased.
It’s often forgotten until prompted.
It’s often overlooked until noticed.
It’s often underrated until needed.

The box is you,
All your words, all your moments, all your teachings.
The box is my foundation,
It is all of you in a fragile amalgamation.
It is vulnerable to crowded thoughts and competing opinions.Yet, it grows within my heart by the millions.

Often, I forget who, what, where and how I got to be here today. But I reach back into the box, and listen to all it has to say.

You are my world, and all I’ve ever known.
You are my heart, and every feeling exposed.
You are my teacher, my saviour, my guiding light and my Mother.

I will love you forever and always
No matter how hard the wind blows me in directions opposite from you.
I know my whole world, is because of everything you do.

Mum, I love you.

This is the first post i’ve made in a while! But life is crazy amazing right now.
I decided to write a poem to express what my Mum means, something that I don’t often share! If it is something that you liked, then please tell me what you thought 🙂

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– Georgina

4 thoughts on “GOAT: MUM

  1. Mother:The person, The Emotion can’t be completely explained in any amount and kind of words. Only small tributes can be paid. And yours is one of them. And it is as usual beautifully written. Mother does give so much tonus that we don’t realize how much she has done. We take her for granted mostly, but we can’t live without her. I don’t even have words to express how I feel. That was an awesome poem.

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