Roses are red, I swear i’m not a cynic…Valentines is simply terrific…

Here’s the deal, Valentines is what we call a Hallmark holiday. A holiday manufactured to even out card and gift sales throughout the year .

Do you only call your mum on Mother’s Day? (If you do, close this window and call her right now!)

Do you only plan special dates with your special person on SPECIAL occasions ? (Seriously, if you answered yes to both of these then you need to reevaluate yourself)

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for that married couple who has two kids and just need a night out to be adults and have some 50 shades action in their duplex. But for us twenty something’s….what is our excuse?

Here’s what I recommend: Do whatever the f*** you want to do!  

If you’re single…

Don’t fret pet! Celebrate the fact you’re not on an awkward forced date wearing Spanx and wondering if your apartment is clean enough to bring someone round later.

Go out with your mates! Go watch a movie, go bowling or have a games night where you can’t be sucked in by pink hearts and everything made for two.

If you’re casually dating…

Okay so this is tricky and awkward. Frankly, I try and avoid it at all costs. Don’t go out on Valentines with a casual date…it’s just too much pressure . But, after you’ve gone on some normal dates they might even turn out to be someone you can see yourself with and then you can go on many overly planned Valentines dates. If there is someone you’re seeing, but it just hasn’t been long enough to call it dating, then just be upfront. If you’re into the “holiday” and want to spend it with them, then all you have to do is ask. It won’t kill you, and quoting the great Kelly Clarkson “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…lalala” (I don’t know the rest of that song.)

If you’re in a relationship….

Make it meaningful. If your partner loves Lillies, buy them a bouquet of Lillies! If your special someone loves rock climbing, go freaking rock climbing! and If your bae loves to watch Netflix and booze all night, buy a bottle of pinot noir and fix your wifi connection! Don’t feed into the cliche of going out for an expensive meal, at an expensive restaurant on a crowded two seater table amongst 40 other couples. The idea is to not make things cheesy, but its a night where you can go be a soppy mut and make it all about how much you want to make them happy – thats enough soppiness for me.

All in all, its cute when we were all in high school and knowing that the guy’s name you wrote on your pencil case has your name written in his binder. But now, lets get it right and not buy into the whole hallmark bulls*** , please and thank you.

oh and a treat, here is  Benedict Cumberbatch ❤


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