New Year, New M- NOPE. STOP.


I hope that everyone reading this post is well rested, had a mental break from the crazy world we live in, and maybe a little fatter.



It was my 24th year on the planet, and it was quite a turbulent one. I started off the year on a low, knowing I wasn’t really happy with my career, my weight, my whole life was just a shade of grey (and not the sexy kind either). I slapped a smile on my face each day and tried to make it slightly more exciting, yet alas I failed.

By the time the first quarter of the year was done I had already gone through a major change, which was leaving the job I was at for two years. After that, I went off to India for a whole two months and forgot about every single grey moment I had in the months prior. That trip filled my mind with so much colour and I could finally see myself coming back together (deep, I know).

When I got back, I applied to grad schools in locations away from my Canadian hometown because it was time to grow and build my own roots. Just over halfway through the year I moved to Toronto, a big concrete jungle located on Lake Ontario that is filled with every kind of person human kind has to offer, and I love it.

At the end of the year, I was so content with who I was as a person, what I had grown into and the direction I was heading. So why should I start off fresh in 2017?



New year resolutions never, ever work.
I know you are thinking of times when you’ve had a resolution and actually stuck with it. But most likely it was for two months, then you broke it and felt shitty for about a week then eventually just said, “meh, well I tried”.

HERE IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO INSTEAD (all in 2016 song names, because why not?): 

Me, Myself and I

Be selfish. Take the whole year and make it all about you! Being selfish doesn’t mean you’re taking away from someone else, it just means to take it for yourself. You can still be selfless and do loving things for others,  but have selfish moments. I call that balance. I don’t think anyone needs to make a resolution about treating themselves, but just go do things that make you happy once in a while and don’t let anyone else chime in on it.

We don’t talk anymore

A new year doesn’t mean you go through your contact list and randomly delete numbers of people that didn’t wish you a happy new year. However, there are some relationships that were strong, and some relationships that weren’t. After the holidays there is normally this empty feeling of not having as many things to do, so what an optimal time to grab a brew with an old friend and catch up till 2am. Also, some relationships just fade out and that is totally okay. With each year more and more gets piled onto us until we eventually drop something, but at that point you have too many other things piled up that you just leave it behind and forget about it. You win some, you lose some.


“I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you” and by you I mean pizza.
Every year we all try and lose some weight. Personally, I tell myself I’m going to go to the gym every single morning before work and I’m gonna cut the carbs and eventually i’ll look like Kylie Jenner. Lets be real though, carbs are amazing and unless I have $2 million USD – I will never look like Kylie Jenner. This is what i’m going to do instead, figure out a way to look and feel happier! If that means a new wardrobe, taking up a dance class, going for a run in the mornings or eating roti like its my job then so be it! As long as in the end there is a smile on my face.

Love yourself

Take a mental note of all the things you really love about yourself and what made you the person you are today! Build on that, there is no need to completely start over because that is too much damn work. Just try and understand yourself, if there is something that you’re not happy with then make a note of it so you can subconsciously change it over the course of the new year.
Justin Bieber might just have been replacing the word ‘love’ for another four letter word that rhymes with duck, but you get the idea.


Life is all about highs and lows, winning and losing, rain and sunshine, I could keep going but I wont. There is no need to put that much pressure on yourself when life gives you all that anyways, it is important however to keep focused and to offset those ups and downs.

So you do you boo boo!


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